The Open Space Consultancy was formed in May 2011, in response to the demand from Out-Of-Home Media companies, Shopping Mall owners, Airport Authorities, and Property Owners for a consultancy offering independent services based on current experience and “hands on” knowledge of recent operating conditions.


We therefore focus on the following business areas:


  •   “hands-on” operational management of outdoor/airport media companies

  •   assisting media owners with submission of tenders

  •   offering independent and impartial advice on current business models

  •   identification and implementation of static and digital media networks;

  •   the structuring and coordination of Out-Of-Home media tenders


Robert Lewis

Robert entered the world of Out-Of-Home media in 1989, buying strategic billboard locations on European border crossings for a financial institution, and negotiating advertising space across many European airports for blue-chip companies. A subsequent spell with British Transport Advertising in 1992 led to him being approached to join GMI, then an up-and-coming outdoor company in Bahrain.


Over the following 10 years, he played an instrumental part in the growth and success of the GMI group, encompassing operational and development roles in the outdoor, airport, and transport advertising sectors.


This included the acquisition of the advertising concession for Dubai International Airport, and its development into a media showcase offering some of the most attractive, lucrative, and sought-after advertising opportunities in the world.


Robert then spent 2 years in development with the Scottish Media Group in London, specialising in outdoor, retail, and property negotiation and surveying.


In 2004, he was headhunted for the position of Group General Manager of the Middle East Media group, based in the U.A.E. and Bahrain. Under his tenure, the group secured, managed, and renewed a number of sought-after advertising concessions, and Robert personally carried out a large number of diverse international OOH media projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Far East.


Robert formed The Open Space Consultancy in May 2011.