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  • Airport/City/Municipality/Landlord negotiations and contractual arrangements

  • General management and “turn-around” of small companies

  • Detailed Tender planning and submission (EOI, RFP, etc)

  • OOH media specialized software analysis and recommendations

  • Operational management including scheduling of maintenance, personnel, and training

  • Business structures, drafting step-by-step procedures, and structuring commercial deals

  • Identification and assessment of suppliers, purchase, trial, installation of units

  • Set up, launch, implementation and management of LED, LCD/plasma, and mega-screens in airport, outdoor, and shopping mall environments

  • Complete site and digital network identification and scheduling across airports, malls, and city locations


We have “hands-on” experience of working in Out-Of-Home media companies right up to end 2014 – so we’ve experienced the business from the inside, and recently!


We have direct experience of setting up Digital Signage networks (both LED and LCD), from planning and implementation to market strategy and day-to-day management


Our experience and knowledge of working in the Out-Of-Home field is current and relevant

What Makes Us Different?