Since its founding in May 2011, The Open Space Consultancy has undertaken assignments in many countries including the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), Ireland, Poland, China, and the United Kingdom.


These include:


  • Start-up media companies requiring assistance and guidance to help them develop in their niche area, and media companies who have acquired a concession without the know-how to run and profit from it.


  • Well-established outdoor companies that have identified a need for a fresh start or a new approach, and need an independent advisor to guide them.


  • Shopping Malls and Airport Authorities needing an impartial assessment of their media holding to evaluate whether they are using the most suitable business model or whether a different approach would bring a better ROI.


  • Municipal Authorities requiring planning of media circuits for city-centres and key arterial routes.

We have “hands-on” experience of working in Out-Of-Home media companies right up to end 2014 – so we’ve experienced the business from the inside, and recently!


We have direct experience of setting up Digital Signage networks (both LED and LCD), from planning and implementation to market strategy and day-to-day management


Our experience and knowledge of working in the Out-Of-Home field is current and relevant

What Makes Us Different?